Bartleby, The Scrivener

Reading ‘Bartleby, The Scrivener’ un-annotated was fun and interesting. It was straightforward and you were able to understand it easily. When reading the annotated version on Slate, it was very confusing and I didn’t appreciate the annotations much. They were very distracting and very confusing as well.  I didn’t appreciate them much and just read on without paying much attention to them. Contrary to the Genius version of it, I appreciated that in order to access an annotation I had to click the highlighted portion or word to read it. I liked the Genius version more than the Slate version. While it was still very distracting, I like that if I don’t want to see an annotation I can just not click on the highlighted portions. I can just continue reading.

On whether or not this made it easier to read the story, It was definitely more distracting than straightforward because you do kind of get curious on what other people think, but then get caught up in trying to understand what and how other people see the story, rather than you understanding the story by your own means and interpretations. On using these annotations as a guidance to annotating myself, I kind of saw them as not much different than what I’ve done but more on how I can annotate and take into motion how to probably distract the reader less.

Weekend Plan

This weekend I don’t have much planned just to work and go to school. I’ll probably just study after getting out of class with some music and cook. After getting off work, I’ll watch some movies and trailers of new movies. Some movies I’m interested to watch are:

and we’ll see how much I get done!